NIEE Center of Buildings and Strutures Inspection - Buildings and Structures Department. - Created in 1995


Aiming to provide testing, inspection and monitoring services for further structural and building assessment in terms of structural behaviour, and durability condition.  NIEE is mainly focusing on non-destructive tests (NDT) or least destructive test services in civil engineering field.  Test procedures are based on ISO, EN, BS, ASTM, AAMA, RILEM and NIEE in-house test methods.


  • Non-destructive testing of welds
Using ultrasonic testing to detect internal discontinuities of welds
Ultrasonic testing equipments
Using magnetic particle testing to detect surface-breaking flaws of welds
Magnetic particle testing quipments


  • For concrete or reinforced concrete structure
Rebound Hammer Test for concrete strength evaluation
Taking Concrete Cores for concrete strength evaluation
Covermeter test to locate the layout of steel reinforcement on site and to measure concrete cover thicknesses
Half Cell Potential Determination for corrosion condition evaluation in reinforced concrete
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) Determination for concrete quality and internal defect diagnosis
Impact Echo Test for concrete internal defects diagnosis


  • For Building Components
In situ adhesive strength test of interface between materials
Field water test of curtain wall facades


  • For Short to Long Term Monitoring Service
Structural monitoring in terms of structural deformation, rotation , movement, or settlement etc
Vibration monitoring of structure (peak particle velocity) subjected to vibration source
Temperature monitoring of mass concrete element in casting and curing stages


  • Other Services
Determination of in situ tensile load of steel cables under tension by Vibration Frequency Method
Tensile loading tests for structural fixings in concrete and masonry
Using Ultrasonic thickness gauge to determine steel thickness


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