Main Lines of Research and Development Activities. Research Programmes. Fields of Research.
 Research Projects to be Developed.

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NATURAL HERITAGE AND ENVIRONMENT Its development, protection and rehabilitation
PROGRAMME Terrestrial environment
Domain Earthquakes
 1 - Seismic studies and site-dependent response spectra development
Domain Geotecnics
 2 - Undrained shear strength characterization of the Macau soils based on the study of the interrelationships with CU and UU tri-axial test results and UC uni-axial test results
 18 - Behaviour of embankments over soft marine clay
PROGRAMME Marine environment
Domain Estuaries and coastal zones
 3 - Further characterization of the dynamics of the sediment deposited in Hac-Sa Beach

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CONSTRUCTED HERITAGE Its construction, maintenance and rehabilitation
PROGRAMME Construction of the habitat
Domain Sanitary engineering
 4 - Numerical model for leak analysis in pipeline systems
PROGRAMME Large fixed infrastructures
Domain Geotechnical structures
 5 - Improvement effects on settlement and bearing resistance of foundations by cement grouting
 6 - Cross-hole sonic logging evaluation
 7 - Behaviour of embankments over soft marine clay
 8 - Behaviour of strengthened PHC piles subject to uplift force
 19 - Behaviour of driven piles in Macau - quality control, reliability and safety
Domain Support the design
 20 - Steel structure design programming according to the new Macau Steel Standard (REAE)
 21 - Analysis and design of prestressed concrete members by programming, according with the New Macau Standards

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PROGRAMME Materials and construction technologies
Domain Materials
 10 - Study of the effects of the use of expansive agent or expansive cement in concrete
 22 - Investigation of alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR) effects on concrete structures - process development, diagnosis, preventive
Domain Metrology
 12 - Metrological activities for calibration of measuring devices
Domain Standardization
 13 - Basic studies for the continuous updating of Macau Civil Engineering Standards
Domain Quality systems and accreditation
 14 - Basic studies and activities for the implementation of Quality System of LECM's testing laboratories
Domain Certification
 15 - Basic studies of methodologies for certification of factory production control systems and products for civil construction
PROGRAMME Data systems and technologies
Domain Geographical Information systems (GIS)
 16 - Geotechnical mapping of Macau and its implementation as a GIS
PROGRAMME Scientific instrumentation
Domain Monitoring, automation and control systems
 17 - Virtual Instrumentation Systems Development

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